Transcription Services in Uganda

Transcription Services in Uganda

Our firm provides both Audio and Video transcription services in Uganda and across the world.

We transcribe files in different languages and various industry fields. Some of the industries we handle include Medical, Legal, Tourism, Marketing, Banking and Tourism.

Why you should choose us

  • We have a trained and competent team of transcribers in video and audio transcription services in Uganda.
  • Our transcription experts possess translation skills in their native and professional languages and hence can help to directly translate an audio or video recording for legal use, subtitles, and business purposes from its original language into the written text of any targeted language worldwide.

We cater to over 75 languages including all Ugandan languages and other languages are spoken across the world.

Some of our transcription services include Audio and Video Transcription, conference transcription, interview transcription, podcast transcription, and medical transcription among others.

Some of the media transcriptions we provide include documentaries, Movies, Music files, television programs, and conference transcriptions. Anza Translation Services deals in several file formats such as Video, Audio tapes, DVD, CD, MP3, and MP4 among others.

Furthermore, Some of the Ugandan languages we transcribe include Luganda, Ateso, Lusoga, Acholi, Runyakore, Samia, kuku, Lugbara, Lugisu, Dinka, Japadola, Lugwere, karamojong, Kiswahili, Lopit, kikongo, Rukiga, Kakwa, Madi, Lukonjo and Juba Arabic among others.

In addition, we also transcribe foreign languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic among others.

Our rates are affordable and we ensure that our transcriptions are accurate and error-free.

Besides transcription, we also offer document translation, interpretation, editing and proofreading.

In addition, we also possess the interpretation equipment that facilitates simultaneous interpretation.

Lastly,  are you  in need of high-quality Audio and Video transcription services in Uganda? please get in touch with us through our email   or call us at +256784557732. our team will get back to you instantly.