Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Anza Translation Services provides linguistically fluent, technically accurate, and culturally competent document translation services in Uganda.

we cover all Ugandan indigenous languages as well as international languages.

We offer document translation services for a variety of industry fields including; life sciences, Engineering, Medical, Financial, Technology, Legal, Automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Our agency prides itself on a team of competent in-house and carefully recruited freelance professional translators.

Our translators and consultants possess all the necessary training, certification, and qualification to undertake all your projects.

Certified document translation

In addition, our document translation services include official document translation such as academic documents and certificates, birth certificates, health reports and messages, health information, travel documents, contracts and agreements, research questionnaires and reports and Land Agreements among others. 

We provide document translation services  in Uganda covering several African languages as well as some international languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, German and so many others.

Some Languages offered

Some of the languages we translate into and from include; Luganda, Lusoga, Acholi, Japadhola/Adhola, Runyakole, Karimojong, Ateso, Saamia, Kiswahili, Lango, Rukiga, Rutooro, Runyoro, Lingala, Madi, Dinka, Nuer, Kakwa, Lugwere, Lugisu ,Aringa, Rukonjo and Bari among others.

In order to ensure reliability and quality, besides using native language speakers who are experienced and experts in that field.

our translation goes through a process of review by an independent translator.

After the review has been completed, the two translators sit and reconcile their work then later forwarded to our quality assurance manager for final analysis before it’s sent to the client.

In addition to translation, we also offer interpretation, audio and video transcription, editing and proofreading among others.

Furthermore, we also possess the interpretation equipment that facilitates simultaneous interpretation.

Lastly, Should you require our document translation services for Ugandan languages as well as other African and non-African languages,  email us at for a quick quotation.

Alternatively, You can call us on +256784557732.